Ribka pod Marinadom (Fish with "Marinade")

This is the recipe that I promised a couple of days ago. I got this one from my mom. It’s a very old recipe and obviously a Russian dish! It can be served hot with some mashed potatoes or cold as an appetizer…whatever suits you best!
The reason that “marinade” is in quotes is because it is not a liquid that is used to marinade meats. In this context the “marinade” is referred to a veggie sauce that the fish is covered and served with.
I found that it dish tastes the best with Mahi Mahi, although I did not have any on hand, I used Cod. This particular recipe will be measured for one, since I was making dinner for Jaydon. Feel free to double or triple the recipe for a family dinner.

4 oz Cod
Veggie or Olive Oil


3 Medium carrots
fresh parsley (or dry of no fresh parsley on hand)
about 1/3 cup tomato sauce (more if desired)
1tsp vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 cup water

Directions for “marinade”:
1. Shred the carrots, peel the garlic and chop the onion small.
2. Heat the oil in the skillet on medium
3. Shred the garlic into the skillet ( I prefer to shred the garlic through a small shredder rather then use a garlic masher or mincing)

4. Add the onion into the skillet, saute for a minute until fragrant
5. Add shredded carrots, saute for a few minutes
6. Add the tomato sauce, salt, pepper, minced parsley or dry parsley, sugar and vinegar. Stir well, cook on medium for about 5 minutes. (covered)

7. Add water, stir well. Cook for about 10 minutes on low medium(covered)

1. Heat up oil in a  a separate skillet on medium …
2. While the marinade is cooking…rinse the fish, salt pepper it and lightly batter with flour.
3. Add the fish to the second skillet and cook until about 90% done.
4. When the fish is almost done, add marinade on the TOP of the fish.

5. Cover and cook on low medium for a few minutes.

As I mentioned this dish can be served hot with a side of mashed potatoes or cold.

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  1. says

    So I never use to eat fish but I’ve since develop a love for Salmon and have been wanting to try something new. I really want to try this, next time I’m at the store I’ll look for it.

  2. Nonna says

    The fish with marinade. My mom made this, and since she has passed, I have been looking for this recipe. Thank you so much. I will try this recipe this week. I am so sure that is one of the same. Thanks!!!!

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