Cinco De Mayo Quesadillas

This was a little bit unplanned. Yea, I forgot that Cinco De Mayo was this week, so I had to come up with something fast. I decided on Quesadillas, it is easy, quick and delish!!! 

Makes 2 large quesadillas

Small pack of chicken breast or chicken tenders
2 Large tortillas
1 cup of cheese
1 cup of sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup of sliced onion
1/2 cup of chopped tomatoes
Salt, pepper, cilantro
Serve with salsa and sour cream

1. Cook the chicken in a skillet in medium heat, seasoned with salt and coarse black pepper.

2. Set the chicken aside and slice into thin slices once cooled
3. While chicken is cooling, saute the onions, mushrooms and tomatoes with some salt, pepper and cilantro. Set aside after cooked.

4. In a large lightly greased skillet, place the tortilla. Spread cheese evenly. Add the veggies then the chicken. Fold in half.

5. Grill the quesadilla on each side until crispy. Serve with some sour cream and salsa.


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  1. Oh my gosh those look really really yummy!! Thanks for coming and visiting my blog!! I am following you back now!!

  2. OH!!! This looks SO GOOD!! Thanks for your sweet comment and the follow!! I’m following you back! :)

  3. Following back, I’ll definitely be looking back at your blog! I want to try the spinach artichoke dip!! : )

  4. These look great, I usually just use cheese, but the chicken would make this a complete dinner. thanks.

  5. For unplanned, those look great! And the mushrooms look so good. I really want to learn to like mushrooms because they always looks so good, but I just don’t like them…yet…

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