Nightcap – Creamy Berry Cherry Tini

I had a rough week to on my “Friday”, i.e. Thursday (yes you can be jealous of my short week), I wanted something to relax! This is what I came up with…Ooo, I can’t wait to try more variations…

1 cup vanilla ice cream
2 strawberries
some cherries (to your heart’s desire)
1/4 cup milk
2 shots of brandy


1. Blend all ingredients well
2. Enjoy your nightcap!!

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  1. Yummy! Make me one please!

    Hello, I am also following you via the High On Life blog hop. Please follow me.

  2. That looks fantastic!

    Following from the hop!

  3. heck yeah! that looks so good!

  4. this sounds wonderful! Thank-you for stopping by my blog.

  5. Sounds delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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