"The Wild Soccer Bunch" Book Review

As I mentioned before, we love books is my house. I love getting a new book for my little man. Actually it is a problem, often I find drifting towards the book isle at the store and somehow new books always find their way to by check out basket! Strange!
I got an opportunity recently, to review a new book. It is a new book from Joachim Masannek, a number 2 in the big series of “The Wild Soccer Bunch” books. I gotta say, when I received the book I thought that my little man might be a little too young for this book, which he is, although he still listened to it with as much interest as he does the Old Disney classics….while running around! I also noticed that I was still reading the book after putting my son for the nap. This book might be written for kids, but a confession must be made, I found it a good read myself!
I have a 10 year old sister, I though she might also enjoy this book. This was a challenge as she is a girl, a girl who is more interested in TV the book. I offered the book to her and asked he to just read a little and see if she might like it and finish. Well, this book is now one of her summer projects, as it seemed to grab her attention as well!
Even my hubby is interested in finishing this book. So this one book, already had a line of readers, now we need to make a reading sign up sheet!
Personally, I will be saving this book (after everyone reads it) for my little guy to read in the near future. This book is perfect for a 7-10 year old boy. Just perfect. Easy to read and the author uses the language that a little boy will definitely identify with. Boys love sports, that is the first attention grabber. The book is also full of life lessons and real life situation that kids are faced with. We also enjoyed the humor this book is written with. If parents are having a hard time getting their kids to read, I would definitely recommend “The Wild Soccer Bunch” series.

If you are interested in “The Wild Soccer Bunch”, do check out their web site here
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Little bit about the author:
“Joachim Masannek was born in 1960 and studied Philosophy and German in college. He also studied at the University of Film and Television and worked as a camera operator, set designer, screenwriter, and director. Masannek’s children’s book series, The Wild Soccer Bunch, has been published in more than 30 countries. As the screenwriter and director of the Wild Soccer Bunch movies, Joachim has managed to bring about 9 million viewers to the theaters. He was the coach of the real Wild Soccer team and the father of two of the players.”

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  1. Good job, interesting review!

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