Happy Birthday to my Angel!!

I can’t believe that my little guy is 2 ALREADY!
Where does the time go? I know everyone always says that but it is just so true. Time seems to go by so much faster now that I have this little guy in my life. Just as I wish the time would slow down so that I can enjoy every minute of my time with him…the time just seems to speed up instead. 
I remember it like it was yesterday, the nurse putting this teeny tiny little baby on my chest. My husband and my mom were both afraid to touch him, he was so small. I never wanted to let him go. Now it seems like he just wants to run and pushes me away when all I want to do is smooch those pudgy cheeks!
He is my angel, my love and my life!!
I had to work today but I brought him a big balloon and a cupcake from the best bakery ever! He very much enjoyed it. Now we can’t wait for the birthday party this Saturday.

The kitty got some birthday cupcake too!

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  1. Awww happy birthday little man! =) Mom, good luck on those 2′s. LOL My son is 5 and still in them….yikes…
    Happy Wednesday!
    Cookin’ for my Captain

  2. Yet when they push away… you’ve done something right:-) He’s adorable and I enjoyed your style. Hopped from Follow Me Wed.

  3. Watching and being there for your little family is such a pleasure! Grandma Carla and Pop Sandy love you all so very much!

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