Bacon and Egg Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

I made these awesome smoked cheese and green onion waffles and wanted to play around with them. Turns out these waffles are very versatile. It went great with some eggs and bacon for breakfast. You can also try different meats and if you are feeling cheesy, add a slice of cheese as well. 
Too bad my hubby doesn’t like breakfast egg sandwiches much so he was missed out on a great breakfast. More for me!
You should also make some extra waffles and refrigerate or freeze it. I think these waffles will be perfect with some ham and cheese or turkey and cheese for lunch. Hmmm…note to self: “get ham”. This is definitely going to be my lunch tomorrow.

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  1. Great px, too bad Ian didn’t enjoy the sandwich, but I think the turkey or ham would be a great idea too!

  2. this just looks divine!

  3. Those sound & look soooo yummy!!

  4. hubby would love this he has been enjoying waffles and eggs for some time now come see what I shared at

  5. Mmmm looks like my kinda breakfast! I love making waffles on Saturdays, and have always wanted to try making savory ones, but never have. Your recipe looks really good, I’m going to try making some this weekend! There’s nothing like a really good breakfast!

  6. Mmmm looks delish, never had bacon and eggs waffles, but a new twist for breakfast is always welcomed. My Hubs would love this. I’m wishing I had one in front of me now. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best!

  7. oh yes, that’s all I want to have for breakfast from now on


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