Smiling Thai Crab

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most of the Asian dishes that I make, are Thai. I love Thai food and I could probably eat it every day. I am still learning about Thai cuisine, so I can’t call myself an expert, by any means. There is always more to learn.  But I did create this great Thai dish, all on my own. I am so proud…of myself!
The other night, I was trying to figure out what to make with the crab meat that I had in the fridge. I’ve been drooling over this crab meat for a week. At first, I was thinking to just make my She-Crab Soup, but then I decided to try something new. I searched and searched though loads of seafood and crab recipes but nothing jumped out at me. 
Since, nothing sounded good, I improvised! I had some coconut milk left that needed to be used, so I just started pulling things out of my fridge. I came up with this awesome creation. What I didn’t come up with , is the name. It’s been a week since I made this and I still do not have a name for it. 
 Please help me name this dish!! I will feature the winning name, the winner and their blog next week!!

(serves 2)
2 tbs olive oil
1 medium shallot
2 large garlic cloves (thinly sliced)
1 medium tomato, chopped
Zest from 1 medium lemon
1 1/4 cup vegetable stock
1/3 cup coconut milk
1 tsp red pepper flakes
10 medium raw shrimp
8 oz crab meat
2 cups of cooked Jasmine rice
1. In a medium skillet, heat up the oil on medium heat
2. Add the chopped onion and sliced garlic, saute until fragrant
3. Add chopped tomatoes and cook for a few minute, until tomatoes are soft and juicy. 
4. Grate in the lemon zest, mix well. 
5. Add the vegetable stock, salt and rep pepper flakes. Mix well and heat through
6. Add the coconut milk and mix well.
7. Add the raw shrimp and cook until shrimp are pink. 
8. Add the crab meat and cook for about 5 minutes, still on medium heat.
9. Serve over cooked Jasmine rice.

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  1. Yum Yum Shrimp Rice Dish :)

  2. Sweet and Spicy Shrimp with Rice
    Sweet=coconut, Spicy=red pepper flakes
    I’m not very creative with names, but it sure looks delicious!

  3. Thanks for your fun comment on my Garland Bunny! I would like to have seen everyone’s reaction when you saw it at work! How about Seafood Rice Slush?


  4. Good Morning Lyuba,
    I have been thinking about a name for your dish and I have come up with Thai Seafood Surprise. Whatever name you choose, it looks delicious.
    Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  5. That looks delicious! I love creating new dishes :)

    How about Smiling Thai Crab in honor of your blog name?

  6. Looks delicious! I love Thai food too!

  7. Sunshine Delight Featuring Shrimp and Crab

    Thai Style Seafood Delight

    Awesome Shrimp and Crab Sunshine Cuisine

    Shrimp and Crab Thai Delight

    Lyuba’s Awesome Seafood Plate

    Hi Lyuba, I’m visiting from the Creative Monday link. Your improvised meal looks delicious. It looked like sunshine on a plate, very inviting.

  8. I’m so with you girl, I absolutely love Thai food. This sounds so good, but I am not very creative when it comes to names. Lyuba’s Thai Crab Delight. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

  9. I’m not good with names but this looks a yummy prawn surprise ? lol Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays :)

  10. We are so glad that you linked up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Hope you’ll be back next week! -The Sisters

  11. Thanks so much for linking to Fabulous Friday!

  12. I’m loving the name you went with, Lyuba! This looks fabulous. I am so happy you linked up at Mop It Up Mondays last week! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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