PHOTO-Sunday #1

I decided to start a weekly post of my photo-adventures.
It seems that I get all my skills and interests from someone in my family. I’m like a sponge…sucking in all the talent around me :) 
I get my cooking skills from my mom, my artistic skills from my grandfather, my sewing and knitting from my grandmothers and my photography from my father. I remember watching my dad develop pictures in a little homemade dark room. It was very interesting. I could look through pictures for hours, it was one of my favorite activities, looking though the photo albums.
I was always interested in photography but for some reason, didn’t do much about it. In college, I wanted to take some photography courses but you had to have your own DSLR camera and I was a poor college student and couldn’t afford one. My hubby is an aspiring photographer whose dad (and grandfather) is a professional photographer/cinematographer. Hubby is learning photography from his dad so I though I’d hitch my wagon to his and learn from his dad too. He originally inherited his dad’s Nikon D70, which is where we got our start. Last week, we inherited the D80!! We were very excited and since hubby has been working a lot, I was the first one to play with our new camera. I am LOVING IT. 
In the spirit of my having fun learning the photography with the D80, I decided to share my progress with you!

Stroll around the lake

He is just so photogenic!
The whole way around our little man-made lake, I came across ONE flower. It’s so lonely but beautiful!

Playing with the camera during nap-time. Meet my fur-baby, Nikki!
It's Overflowing

Tina’s PicStory


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  1. Very nice! That little man takes a wonderful picture!

  2. That little boy is adorable!! I love your photo of your lone flower and your kitty as well. Great job.

  3. thanks for your beautiful weekend flower :)

  4. The photos of the little boy are gorgeous and the flowers are lovely. I am dropping by from Tina’s Picstory. :-)

    Have a great day.

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