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I know that I complain a lot about summer, I really don’t like living in FL during summer. But there are a couple of reasons why I like summer time. I get to spend more time with my baby sister. During the summer, she is out of school and for about month and a half she doesn’t have dance. She is usually very busy with school, dance classes and dance competitions. It is all worth it because she is amazing!

As I mentioned, she gets a break from dance for a few weeks during the summer and this is the time when I get to see her the most. They live an hour away, which is not bad. Every year, I take her for about a week. We always have so much fun together.
Another reason why I like summer and the fact that my sister is out of school, is my mom is more free to babysit for us. When my mom gets a free weekend, she comes up so that hubby and I can have a date night. Unfortunately, almost every weekend during the year they have dance or competitions. You can see why we like the summer break so much, this is our only time for dates.
This weekend, I got my mom and my sister to come and babysit for us. I also decided to throw a little summer party before we went out. I got my best friend and her husband to come up for a visit too. We had a great time drinking sangria, eating Frozen Yogurt and playing Wii. 
 (Scroll down for the Tropical Sangria Recipe)
A great thing to serve at the summer party is ice cream, but an even better thing is frozen yogurt! We like frozen yogurt so much better than ice cream since it’s lighter in taste and lighter in calories. My preferred choice for frozen yogurt is TCBY. I just love the variety of flavors and the taste.  

Before the party, I had to get the party supplies, so I went to WalMart ALONE to do some shopping. I rarely get to shop alone, so I took my time. 

(see my whole trip HERE).
Party Time

Toppings: Blueberries, peaches, coconut, pecans, mini Oreo cookies and mini Rollos. 

Nutella Fudge Cookies!!! 

No summer party without lots of TCBY frozen yogurt! 

Tropical Fruit Salad: kiwi, mango, peaches, strawberries, bananas, honey and a little bit of lime juice.

This was actually the first time my mom tried TCBY frozen yogurt. She is not a big fan of sweets but she polished off her bowl of frozen yogurt in a blink. I was pleasantly surprised that she liked it and so did my sister. My sister loves ice cream but I think I turned to the frozen yogurt side. Muahaha… Now, she wants it instead of ice cream. Everyone actually seemed to like the Mango Peach TCBY frozen yogurt. I liked it too but I stay faithful to my “chocolate chocolate” TCBY frozen yogurt, its my favorite treat.
I made this Sundae for my boys. It’s Nutella Fudge cookie topped with Mango Peach TCBY frozen yogurt and almonds. They loved it!
Tropical Sangria! (recipe below)
Playing some Wii…
 They love each other so much!
Hubby is such a goof ball! But frozen yogurt does make him happy. Yes, it was the frozen yogurt…he didn’t have any sangria!

What a fun party we had! Haha, mom and bestie think they are very funny!

Playing with Smarties:
 A tortilla, icing and Tropical Smarties makes for a fun edible project!!

Tropical Sangria

For a pitcher:
5 oz Coconut rum
3 oz Banana Liquor
750 ml bottle of white wine, Riesling
10 oz 7-Up or Sprite
2 medium Mangos
3 Peaches
4-5 Mint Leaves

1. Chop the mango and peaches and add to the pitcher. Mince the mint leaves and add them to the pitcher too.

2. Add the rum, banana liquor and wine.

3. Slowly add the soda.

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  1. What a fabulous party and so many tempting treats!  Thank you so much for sharing your family’s tropical celebration!  I’m glad you were able to shop alone…sometimes that is a treat in and of itself!  Even more important, being able to spend time with your Sis!  She looks like a dancer on her way!

  2. That Sangria sounds delish!

  3. Looks like a nice party, so sorry to have missed all those goodies!

  4. Yummy, I love sangria and frozen yogurt……….especially with all those toppings! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. Definitely something to smile about! :)

  5. Artsyvava says:

    Oh my! That sangria sounds delicious. Pinning.

  6. Looks like A LOT of fun…and… I totally DO NOT dig summer. Too hot! Ick!

    But, that Tropical Sangria could help me stay a little cool:)

    Stopping in from Creations By Kara’s party… totally pinned the Sangria recipe. Thanks!


  7. that bowl of fresh fruit looks delicious, so does your tropical sangria!!
    how lovely you get to spend a lot of time with your sister in summer!

  8. What a fabulous looking party! Thanks for the ideas. I found your post at Look What I made.

  9. Julie_marling says:

    Just printed out the recipe for Sangria. Thanks! Cant wait to try it!

  10. What a great-looking party.  I was smacking my lips throughout all of those photos.  And the sangria,….sounds fabulous.  Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  11. KariG29 says:

    YUMMY!  I love Sangria and I can’t wait to try this yummy recipe!!!  I’m in your neck of the woods from TidyMom!

  12. cyndy aldred says:

    Oh wow! That sangria recipe sounds so amazing!  I can’t wait to try it!!  I love the frozen yogurt bar too.  My family would absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Found you via TT&J!  Cheers!! Cyndy

  13. Taste Buds says:

    Always a fan of sangria on patios.


  14. What a great party..  fun drinks and creative treats. Thanks for sharing it with us on foodie friday.

  15. Mindiehilton says:

    Featuring on Thursday at Bacon Time!

  16. WillCookForSmiles says:

     Yay! Thanks Mindie!

  17. WillCookForSmiles says:

     Thank you!

  18. WillCookForSmiles says:

     Thank you! Hope you like it!

  19. WillCookForSmiles says:

     Thank you :)

  20. Recipe NewZ says:

    Your sangria looks fantastic: so refreshing and sweet, perfect for the summer heat :-). And pretty too! What a great post! And a great website, I am so glad I found it!
    By the way, did you hear about RecipeNewZ (with Z)? We’re a new photo based recipe sharing community. We publish photos submitted by food bloggers with links back to their websites. Hundreds have already joined us in only 2 months since our launch. I hope you also get a chance to visit and share some of your recipes :-)

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