Elmo Autograph Frame

Some of you may have noticed from my Pinterest boards, that I originally planned to throw a Lego party for my little man’s birthday. This all changed last weekend. I took the little guy to the playground and a lady was setting up for a party there. Soon the guests started showing up and the party started. The little guy was doing very good not crushing their party until….

Elmo came in!!!
He ran right up to Elmo and kept hugging him and giggling. He was just so happy to see Elmo! I felt bad about all the attention that he took away from the birthday boy. We stayed and watched a couple of songs but I had to take him out of the park because he just wanted Elmo all to himself and wouldn’t let me hold him. 
So, I talked to hubby and we decided to change the party theme to Elmo. I also found an adult Elmo costume to rent and hubby’s best friend agreed to wear it. I can’t wait to see how excited the little guy will be to see Elmo at his party!
Over the next couple of weeks, I will share the party crafts with you. So stay tuned!

I found this frame in a baby shower section of the store and gave it a “make over”…

I used red Elmer’s Painters marker to cover the blue and yellow:

I also found sticky cardstock paper and printed little Elmo faces on it. Then I cut out the Elmo faces and and made a border.

At the birthday party, I will ask everyone to write their birthday wishes on it and take a picture of Elmo and the little man. The picture with Elmo will go in the center.
Cute and super easy!!
The picture that is in the frame now, is just a picture that came with the frame. The reason why I say this, is pretty funny. I took a picture of the frame with my phone, after I finished, and sent it to my husband. I got a message back from him saying “it’s a cute frame but why did you use such a young picture of the little man?”
Me: “yea, honey…that’s not our son!” 
Hehehe, this was definitely his “blonde” moment. It’s about time he has one instead of me!

* I am linking this recipe to   THESE GREAT PARTIES, in my party tab. Why don’t you visit the wonderful hosts and link some of your own projects!?


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  1. What a cute idea!

  2. That is a really great idea. Hope the party goes well.

  3. Love love love this! Super creative and easy to make. :)

  4. Love this :)

  5. Jodie Robinson says:

    Oh that’s so cute :)  I have that exact same mat- I had found it still new in the package at a thrift store!  Great transformation!

  6. Hello Kirsti says:

    So cute! I love attending Elmo themed parties, they are fun to craft for! This spring I crafted for one and made an Elmo face shirt, if you still need a ‘party shirt’ you should check it out! 

  7. LOVE this—just saved in case I ever throw an Elmo party:)  Thanks for sharing!


  8. Blissfulbucketlist says:

    Very cute. My son would love this!

    Make sure you stop by and share this at my Flaunt It Friday link party.Can’t wait to see more posts. http://www.blissfulbucketlist.com/2012/07/flaunt-it-friday-4_12.html

  9. What a sweet idea … it’ll make such a great keepsake!

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