SFU Sears Grilling: Week 3, Product Photography #grillingishappiness #SoFabU

Who remembers the exciting news that I shared with you in the SFU Week 2 post?? If you don’t, click here to refresh your memory. I’ll wait…
See?! I told you it was exciting news! 

I received a gift card from Sears (Thank you, Sears Grilling!) to go purchase a shiny new grill for myself (and my hubby, as I am forced to say). The second we got the mail and saw that the gift card had arrived, hubby turned the car around and drove us straight to Sears to get the new grill. We got lucky and the grill was on sale, so we picked up oodles of new accessories as well!

Last week, I shared the incites of “path to purchase” photography. This week, I am sharing my wonderful new toy and a lesson on product photography.
A photograph of a product may not seem as important but in reality its this photo that will draw the consumer’s attention to the product. A product needs to be displayed in the best light and the best position.
The product should be the main subject of the photograph. It should be displayed in the front and center without anything cluttering the background. To keep the background soft, use a lower aperture setting. Your eye should go right to the product the second you see the picture.
Also, when taking pictures of the product, use the optical zoom on your camera. Optical zoom is a true zoom function that uses the actual lens inside your camera to bring the subject closer to you. A digital zoom, on the other hand, just takes a portion of the subject and expands it, not bring it closer. By expanding the area, instead of bringing it closer, the image looses quality. Ideally, you would use your optical zoom to get closer to the subject, instead of moving yourself closer to the subject. If you don’t have an option on optical zoom, do move closer to frame the subject in the viewer. 

Another important part to product photography (or any photography) is lighting. Always use natural light in your photography. If you are shooting outside (without a shade), try not to use direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is too harsh. Try to wait until a couple of hours before sunset, which will create some shade from a house or trees. You can play with a bounce card, white poster board, or a tri-fold poster board to bounce/reflect the light onto the subject. This will fill in the shadows and bring in more light to the subject.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of my new

Yes, our Nexgrill grill has a Kenmore cover :) They are in love!
I just have to share this photo of my hubby working hard setting up our new grill!


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Sears Grilling #CBias #GrillingIsHappiness. All photos and opinions are my own.
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  1. WillCookForSmiles says

     Haha, hubbs wanted gas too. That’s why this is perfect for us. We compromised and we both got what we wanted :)

  2. Christine Mack says

    My husband and I almost bought this exact grill. It was very difficult to decide..but look at all that cooking space!!!!

  3. homecookingmemories says

    Cool grill & great photos!! This grill is one that has constantly intrigued me…I think it’s cool to be able to sometimes cook with gas and sometimes cook with charcoal. My dad was a charcoal guy and he was never thrilled with me using a gas grill…lol.

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