Balloon Number "3"

So many of our crafts are inspired by Pinterest these days. This is definitely one of mine. I saw the most adorable number made out of buttons and a birthday balloon wreath. You can find them both on my Pinterest Craft board.

This number was for my little man’s third birthday.  I didn’t want to use buttons for this particular number because I just needed red and black colors, to go with the Elmo theme. I thought using balloons would be a really fun idea.

Let me tell you the trouble that I went through with these balloons! The girl who made the balloon wreath must have an uber hot glue gun. She recommended using hot glue but it didn’t even hold the balloons for a second. So I used several other glues around the house and none of them worked. I finally ran out and got some Krazy glue…IT WORKED! Yay!

What you need :
A foam poster board
Krazy Glue
About 80 Balloons (colors of your choice)
X-Acto knife and pencil

Its really easy to make this and so cute. My son walked around with this number for DAYS after his party.
Draw a thick number on the poster board, about 2 feet high and almost a foot wide. Cut out the number using your X-Acto knife.


Brush a very small area of the number with Krazy glue, just large enough for one balloon, and quickly place the center of the balloon on the glue (top and bottom of the balloon will be hanging off). 
Repeat with the rest of the balloons until the entire number is covered.

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