Citrus Iced Tea, Lipton Pure Leaf and 100% Natural Iced Tea Review

I got a chance to review the new line of Lipton iced teas and I am in love. I got to try Lipton 100% Natural iced teas and Lipton Pure Leaf iced teas. I just loved the 100% Natural iced tea, especially the pomegranate/blueberry flavor! No joke, its all I want to drink now!

There are 12 great flavors. These teas, especially the diet ones, are very light in flavor and not overwhelming. I’ve tried other iced teas and they leave a pretty strong aftertaste. It was not the case with these iced teas.

I also tried the new Pure Lead iced tea. Pure Leaf comes in over 7 different flavors.  I usually drink unsweet tea in the restaurants, I like the fresh brewed tea. I really liked the light and crisp flavor of these teas and they really do taste freshly brewed. It’s very noticeable when the tea in the restaurant was brewed hours and hours before your drink it. These Lipton Pure Natural iced teas taste like they were just brewed, especially for me.
Also, I think its great that the new square bottles are made of PET plastic, so they are lighter weight and 100% recyclable.

Citrus Iced Tea

I squeezed some fresh orange and lime juice in the mug and added ice and Lipton 100% Natural iced tea with lemon.
 Ah…it was very light and refreshing!


Disclosure: I received free product for review. All the photographs and opinions are my own!
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  1. Christine Mack says

    HUGE HUGE HUGE tea lovers over here. I think it’s quite possible that I’m addicted. I love how you put the lime in the lemon. That is too clever!

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