Going Green With Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, Cleaning the Garbage Disposal #HeinzVinegar

I love having a clean house but I am not a huge fan of using a lot of chemicals while cleaning my kitchen and floors. The main reason is the little 3-year old baby and my fur-baby. Ever since I had my son, I’ve been more aware of using chemicals while cleaning. I noticed myself trying to find natural cleaning solutions for most of my cleaning.
Growing up, my grandmother’s favorite cleaner was baking soda. She uses baking soda to clean just about anything. I still swear that baking soda gets out markers and pens off the furniture better than any chemical out there.
Cleaning with vinegar, on the other hand, I was not introduced to until a few years ago. I know that it seems a little odd, but I just never though of using vinegar to clean until I started looking into natural cleaning solutions.
When I did find out that vinegar was good for cleaning, I started using it on everything. I love the fact that it is non-toxic, natural and an Eco-friendly cleaning solution. I use it to refresh or clean my washing machine and dishwasher. I use it to clean my bathrooms in combination with baking soda. I also use it in my kitchen, which is what I will share with you today.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

I recently found out that Heinz came out with a new cleaning vinegar. Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a safe and versatile cleaner that you can use throughout your home. It’s made from sun-ripened grain and crystal-clear water, so it’s safe for cooking and perfect for cleaning. This is perfect because you don’t have to worry about making sure to wash the surface with water after using a chemical cleaner.
Heinz Vinegar has a special cleaning strength of 6% acidity as opposed to 5% acidity of regular vinegar. It may not seem like much but it is actually 20% stronger for cleaning. I was amazed at its cleaning abilities. This vinegar cleaned areas that I was not able to scrub completely clean before.
I found this vinegar at WalMart. To see my whole shopping trip, please visit my Google + album

I can’t believe that the Heinz cleaning vinegar took off all that water grime. I am so excited!!
I have not been able to get the water grime completely off my dish rack tray. I jumped from joy after I saw the results. All I did is rub the tray with vinegar and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then I used the rough side of the sponge and lightly scrubbed everything off. It came off with little effort. This is amazing because the “before” picture is after vigorously scrubbing the tray a few days ago and not being able to completely take everything off.

Cleaning Garbage Disposal:

I am one of very few people who prefers washing dishes by hand. Not only that I am never satisfied with the way a dishwasher cleans them, it is also more economical. Since my sink gets such frequent use, I need to clean and refresh my garbage disposal often. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years on cleaning the disposal. I use 3 steps to cleaning my garbage disposal and only 4 ingredients.

About 2 cups of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
2 cups of ice
2-4 tbs of baking soda
1/3 cup of lemon juice

Step One:
Fill your disposal with ice and pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar over it. Turn the faucet all the way to the side and turn on the water to low.
Turn on the garbage disposal and let it run until all the ice is gone and you hear a “swoosh”. Turn off the disposal.

Step Two:
Sprinkle 2 tbs of baking soda all over the inside of the disposal. (If you have a double sink, sprinkle the baking soda in both sinks.) Turn on the disposal for literally half a second, just to get the baking soda in there.
Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar in each sink. Watch it fizzle, its fun. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.
Rinse with running water.

Step Three:
Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar and lime juice in the disposal. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Turn on the disposal while rinsing it off.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
                                                 Notice how clean it is inside.
While I was waiting on the vinegar to sit in the disposal, I used that time to clean my faucet and the sink. All I did was to rub the faucet and the sink with vinegar and look how clean and shiny!!

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
                                                                                 Please don’t mind the scratches, my sink is very old.
 One Last Tip

If there are more of you who prefer to do their dishes by hand, I want to remind you to run your dishwasher with with a cup or two of cleaning vinegar every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your dishwasher fresh and clean as well as the pipes. Those can get pretty stinky if not rinsed regularly.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

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  1. Beatriz says

    We bought a foreclosed house that had the dirtiest bathrooms I’ve seen in my life, I decided to try vinegar and baking soda and my god the results were AMAZING , I don’t think I will ever use anything else to clean the shower and tub. I am finding more uses to vinegar and baking soda


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