M&M Gift Set: M&M Ornament and Candy Snow Globe

How are you guys doing on your Christmas shopping? I know some people who are already done and I just don’t know how they do it. I have my son done and that’s it. I look at the calendar every day thinking “I have a month…”, ” I have three weeks…”, “Oh man, I only have two weeks left!!” I really need to get cracking…
Good news is that I got one more person down today! I finished this M&M gift set for my husband’s best friend. He collects anything M&M and has quite a large collection. I was having a hard time with figuring out what to get for him. (Somehow, I am responsible for finding everyone’s gifts, don’t know how that happened.) Well, when I got my new issue of Food Magazine and saw the candy filled ornaments, a light bulb went off! Since I had so much fun making my Disney ornaments, I made him M&M gift set filled with candy!

This gift set is very easy to make. It consists of an M&M ornament and M&M Candy Snow Globe. I found a plastic clear ornament and a plastic clear snow globe at Michaels. The best part is that it was on 50% off… Score!!
~I used green and red holiday M&Ms to fill the ornament and white holiday M&Ms to fill the snow globe.
~To paint the M&Ms, I used Martha Stewart all purpose paints.
~To paint the ornament top and the snow globe lid, I used gold gilding.
I was trying to make the M&M smirk but he came a little evil. My husband was saying that he was daring to “come and get his candy, if you dare!” I feel like there should be an evil “muahahaha” laugh voice box attached to it. May be I’ll work on that. But no matter how mischievous, I still think he is cute.
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    This is so cute! I had a roomie in college who collected all things M&M’s too. This reminds me of her. I’ve seen these flat ornaments at Michaels and have been meaning to go back and get a set. Maybe I’ll have to do that this weekend before they’re gone.:) Love the snow globe too!

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