The WCFS Awards! #1

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to find a way to highlight some wonderful projects from other blogger. I always see great projects and leaving a comment is nice, but I want to share them! I’ve seen many bloggers share the posts they like on Facebook and I’ve done that as well. It’s a great way but lately, with all the changes, it seems like the posts are not getting as much exposure as they should. 
So, I came up with this little feature post. Every week, I will highlight my favorite posts in a little award ceremony! I found several posts that are wonderful but I can not decide on who gets the title. It is UP TO YOU! I will share the nominees and you will go to their post and tell them that in your eyes, they are the WINNER!
Without further ado…here are the nomination:

{click on the picture to go to the post}
Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest shared her recipe for these awesome cooking. I really want to try some soon!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Joan from Chocolate Chocolate and More Chocolate is making me want to throw my diet out of the window!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Emily from It Bakes Me Happy (how awesome is that name?) shared these awesome Reese’s Rice Krispies.
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Cheryl from Tidy Mom hit it out of the park with this Buffalo Chicken Mac-n-Cheese. Seriously…yum!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Andrea from One Creative Housewife is sharing copycat Red Lobster Biscuits. Who doesn’t love those biscuits?!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Audrey from Neverending Decorating is sharing a lovely wine cork wreath. I need to run out and get about 100 bottles of wine now!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Amy from Sugar Bucket Inc made this amazing snowflake card. Now that’s a card no one will ever throw away!

{click on the picture to go to the post}
Cynthia from Simply Chic Treasures shared this genius idea for re-finishing a dresser!

{click on the picture to go to the post}
Holly from 504 Main share this awesome “welcome” sign that I am totally making!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
Winnie from Winnish is as impressive as ever with this Owl Bread!

{click on the picture to go to the post}
Meghan from The Tasty Fork is going to keep me on track with this delicious sounding smoothie!
{click on the picture to go to the post}
 Sheila from Sweet Southern Blue is sharing this tasty Snickers Caramel Apple salad. Hey, it had apples…totally healthy!
Now! Go on and tell them how great they are! Everyone loves to hear that!


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  1. says

    What a warm and wonderful post! It’s a great idea and I applaud you! :)
    Thanks so much for featuring my Owl bread, I’m truly honored
    ღ♥ ღ♥

  2. says

    I love, love the Wine Cork Wreath. What makes it so special to me is that I personally bought and consumed the wine that provided the corks. My wife (Audrey) and I never dispose of wine corks. When she and I have a nice dinner out, she will often write the occasion and date on the cork as a reminder of that special occasion. Not all of those corks are from special occasions, but there are several that are.
    Also, the time, detail, and love she put into the wreath makes it very special to me.

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