Happy Birthday and Nambé Giveaway

Can you believe it? Will Cook For Smiles is 2 years old today!! My blog is finally a toddler. Still a little wobbly, needs a lot of help and cried for no apparent reason but it’s growing so fast! It still needs a lot of help but it has a lot of potential. Starting out from nothing and not having a clue, I’ve grown as it’s parent as well. I am learning as I go, just like the blog. In a blink of an eye, it turned 2.
I know many call it “anniversary” but I call it “birthday”. This blog is my baby…(sure is as demanding as my real baby).
Happy Birthday, Will Cook For Smiles!
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To help celebrate this joyful event, I got you a little gift! I have a beautiful giveaway for you! I am giving away a  Nambé Cake Plate to one lucky friend (U.S. and Canada only, sorry)! I fell in love with this cake stand the second “our eyes” met! It’s so unusual and elegant. It was designed by Todd Myers, one of Nambé’s talented designers. The platform is glass, and the arched support is made of lustrous Nambé Alloy. Gorgeous! Just wait till I share the birthday cake and how gorgeous it looks on this cake plate!

Nambé was established in 1951, it was named after an ancient village not far from Santa Fe. Today, Nambé is a company recognized worldwide for its award-winning designs and admired for its dedication to both artistic integrity and everyday functionality. I can look through their website forever and just drool. Every piece is as exquisite as the next!
(This is truly a wonderful giveaway! Have fun but remember, all the entries will be checked for confirmation)

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