Coffee Time Kitchen Wall Art, #DeliciousPairings

It’s National Craft Month! I have a neat wall art craft for you, coffee lovers! It’s a  “Coffee Time” Kitchen Plaque.


I didn’t even realize it, but this month is a National Craft Month. I’ve been so busy with school and everything, that I haven’t had time to pull out my crafting supplies and make something. Last time I made a craft, it was the Coffee Lover’s Kitchen Towel and I made it as a Christmas gift (yes, that long ago.)

Apparently, I’ve also been too busy to take down the Christmas countdown board, which I have hanging in the kitchen entrance since December. Yea…the family has been making fun of me for three months. Hubby even wrote the countdowns to next 3 Christmases, saying that I’m probably going to leave it up for years. Very funny…

I finally took down the countdown board and it left an empty space. You know when you remove a picture from the wall and the wall looks empty all of a sudden. It seemed empty to me, so I decided to make a coffee time plaque. It’s no news that I love coffee. Actually, I live on coffee and at Starbucks. I like to go study at Starbucks, it’s peaceful and right across the street. The best part is that they will brew me a cup of Blonde roast any time of the day. I’m a bit of a woose when it comes to strong coffee, that’s why I prefer Blonde roast. I also have it at home for the mornings.

Last time that I was picking up more coffee at WalMart, they had freshly baked donuts ready. Hubby was home that morning, so I got us some chocolate donuts to go with the coffee. Both boys were extremely happy with donuts and the big one was happy to finally have some coffee. “Finally”, because I took my time picking out my plaque at the store. (It was worth it.)

IMG_20130314_123454Coffee and donut time Collage

Chocolate donuts turned out to be perfect for the Starbucks Blonde blend, especially the cream. Blonde roast is nice and smooth but it is especially smooth paired with chocolate donuts. Perfect for a mellow weekend morning! I had my breakfast while working on my new kitchen decoration.

Kitchen Coffee Time Plaque


You will need:

Long Wooden Plaque

Black satin paint

Paint brushes, different sizer

Ruler and pencil

Letter stencils

White satin paint

Starbucks coffee bag (empty)

Elmer’s spray adhesive

coffee_time_plaque Collage


1. Paint the wooden plaque black, painting about 3 coats. Make sure it’s completely dry before proceeding.

2. Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and mark where your stencils will go (don’t worry, you can cover the marks with paint later.)

3. Place the letter stencils and press firmly.

4. Brush over the stencils with white paint. You may have to use 2 coats. Let it dry for about a minute and peel the stencils off, slowly.

5. Using the thinnest brush, correct any white paint smudges with black paint.

6. Cut out the Starbucks logo from the coffee bag. Spray the back of the cut-out square with the spray adhesive and carefully, place it in the center. Make sure you are placing it in the right place because the adhesive is very sticky and strong. Press firmly and hold for a couple of minutes.



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  1. says

    Ah, fun! I could see myself making this with a twist….”It’s 4 p.m. Somewhere”, and in place of a Starbucks logo, a teacup. Thanks for the inspiration- cute idea :)

    • lyuba says

      Haha, yes, I feel like that a lot too. I got the wood piece at WalMart, so it’s a good chance that it’s the same. Thanks, Kathy!

  2. says

    haha.. this cracked me up. I am a LOVER of lattes and coffee in the morning. I have actually trained our 11 month old son to press the button for our espresso machine. I so need to make this sign! :) Thanks for the laugh and cute idea!

  3. says

    This is awesome! My family is totally addicted to coffee:) I’m working on a coffee canvas right now!:) I found you via What I Learned Wednesday party:)

  4. says

    I loved this post! Your project spoke right to my heart ~ I tried explaining to my husband how some mornings I get up earlier just to have that first cup of coffee. He stared at me blankly. LOL But I know there are those out there who do understand! That’s all that counts.

    P.S. made the Irish Tea Cake again (first time was just a test drive) but of course had no vanilla left ~ so used almond extract. Oh, my….wonderful!

  5. says

    I LOVE what you’ve created for all of us coffee lovers out there!! I know my readers would love them, too! We have a weekly link up party at and we’d love to have you join us!! P.S. We are your newest FB like :)

  6. Linda S. says

    Very cute idea. Will it be OK if mine says 10am, and features one of the dark roasts? : ) Did you know that some of the SB coffee packages that we can buy for home use have an offer on the side where we can get a free cup of coffee at participating stores? It takes some look time to find, but it is on all my favorite blends.


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