Herb Butter Topped Steak & Tips For Checking The Meat For Doneness With Your Fingers

Let’s start the grilling season! Nothing better to start it with than a nice steak.

Herb-Butter-Topped Steak 1

It’s very rare that I eat steak but hubby is a huge fan. He always jokes that he ate an entire cow on our honeymoon. No joke, he ordered a steak everywhere we went and I mostly got seafood. He likes to pretend that he is a food critic when he eats a steak at the restaurant. He is very skilled at cooking steaks, so he always tries to find someone who can make a steak as good as him. He does not believe in marinading his steaks, he always says that the best flavor is in the steak itself. Although, he does like toppings. I’ve noticed that his favorite topping is the one he gets at the Outback, grilled mushrooms & onions and herb butter.

For the first grill-out of the season, I wanted to help recreate his favorite steak. I got a nice premium ribeye from WalMart. Since I am not a big steak person, I chose a thin cut because I find it to be a little more tender. (He agreed to compromise for me.)

There was no excessive seasoning needed, just some salt and pepper. Rub the seasoning evenly over the meat and drop it on the grill. Cooking time is a personal choice. I prefer my steak medium well and hubby liked the steak to be medium rare. He is so picky about his steak though, if the steak is not a good cut, he will take it medium. If I see him reaching for A1…there is trouble. That means the steak is terrible.

The butter is very easy to make. Combine 1/2 cup of butter with 1 tbs minced parsley and 1/2 tbs mined basil. Add 1 small crushed garlic clove. Mix very well until all incorporated.

Herb Butter Steak Collage

He actually tough me how to check for steak doneness. He used to be a cook and made many steaks in his day. Let’s just say…he never had a steak sent back. Ok, here is the tips for an easy way to check the steak without a thermometer:

1. Look at your palm…now touch (don’t press) your pointer finger to your thumb(don’t flex the muscles). Feel the flesh area below the thumb with your other pointer finger. This is Medium Rare!

2. Now, touch the middle finger to the thumb(again, don’t press the fingers together, just touch). Feel the flesh area below the thumb with your other pointer finger. This is Medium!

3. Now, touch the ring finger to the thumb. Feel the flesh area below the thumb with your other pointer finger. This is Medium Well!

4. Now, touch the pinky to the thumb. Feel the flesh area below the thumb with your other pointer finger. This is Well Done!

meat temperature tips Collage

I use this test on other meats as well. Love this trick!

Well, the grilling went very well. The steak was wonderful, even I ate it. There was no A1 anywhere near the table and hubby was very pleased with his steak!


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** Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions, photographs and text are all mine.

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