Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers

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Monsters Bash JELL-O Jigglers 1 fun Halloween party idea from #halloween #monster

Oh my goodness, Halloween is almost here!

I can’t believe that time is coming for all the scary, dressed up fun! I hope you have some party plans!

Will you be throwing a party? An adult party or a kid party? I have a really fun idea for a fun Halloween party snack. I hope you find this idea as fun as I did.

Halloween Monster Bash!

It’s a monster themed JELL-O snack table! You can either have lots of fun creating monsters with your kids before the party or you can have a “make your own monsters” station!

How fun is that?!

All you need is different flavors of JELL-O Gelatin, some gummy googly eyes, gummy teeth, and some baking goods you can find around the house. I found gummy eyes and teeth at my local Target, in the Halloween section, so I’m sure that you can find similar gummy goodies at your local store.

I recommend making the JELL-O night before the party because it needs several hours to set. Make some in dixie cups and some on a tray so that you have a variety of shapes.

Most importantly….HAVE FUN with your monsters!!

Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers 3  © #halloween #monster #jello

JELL-O Orange

Use a cookie cutter to to cut out the circles for these monsters.

Use chocolate chips for the mouth.

Use gummy googly eyes for the eye.

Use sliced almonds for horns.

Monster Bash with JELL © #halloween #monster #jello

JELL-O Raspberry

Use a cookie cutter to to cut out the circles.

These are actually my husbands favorite ones!

Use Twizzler strips for tentacles.

Use gummy eyes and teeth.

Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers 6  © #halloween #monster #jello

JELL-O Raspberry

Use dixie cups as molds for this monster.

Use gummy googly eyes and gummy teeth.

Sliced almonds as scales.

Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers  © #halloween #monster #jello

JELL-O Berry Blast

Use dixie cups as molds for this monster.

Use gummy googly eyes.

Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers 7  © #halloween #monster #jello


Use round plastic dishes.

Use two different sizes of candy eyes. Add some before setting and some after the JELL-O sets.

Use googly gummy eyes.

Monster Bash with JELL-O Jigglers 4 © #halloween #monster #jello

JELL-O Berry Blast

Use chocolate sprinkles as fuzz.

Gummy eye balls.


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    • Rose-Marie,
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  2. These jello creations couldn’t be any cuter! My boys are going to get a kick out of these jello monsters!! I love getting your post and can barely wait to open them up when I see them in my inbox! I can’t wait to see what comes next! Keep up the great work and keep them coming!

  3. These are all such amazing ideas! WOW! I hope to use this as inspiration for my daughter’s monster themed birthday.

  4. They look like a lot of fun Lyuba! I’m sure your little one is having a blast with all these little sweet monsters :)

    • He did have a blast! I put the leftover JELL-O in a pan for him and he had a blast mushing ans playing! Talk about sensory play :)
      Thank you, Lizy!

  5. wow they all look great! love the petri dishes!

  6. Oh wow..these look totally amazing! They look so great, I do declare it would be hard to want to eat one. I think they make a great decoration to a table.

  7. OH’ MY GOSH’ can these be any cuter. My fav are the green jello lime monsters. ADORE THEM ALL! jen

  8. My kids would love to help make (and eat) these!!



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