Monsters University Monster Cupcakes

Disclosure: The post was sponsored by Disney and Monsters University but all opinions and photographs are my own.

The  Halloween fun continues!

Today’s treats are inspired by Monsters University. Monsters Inc. has been one of my son’s (“Ahem”..husband’s) favorite movie for years. Needless to day, we were very excited that they made another Monsters movie and we were excited to see it.

The  Monsters University will becoming out on Blu-ray Combo Pack October 29th! Woot-woot!

Monsters University Monster Cupcakes Collage 1 from #monsters #cupcakes #party

We were very excited for the moving coming out on DVD since we didn’t get a chance take the little man to the movie theater. He is a little bit too active to got to a movie. If he can sit 30 minutes, that’s an accomplishment!

That’s why the DVD is perfect for him. We got an advance copy of the movie for inspiration and boy, were we inspired! We decided to make some cupcakes and HAVE FUN with it!

The cupcakes were very easy and we had SO much  fun while creating these little monsters. If you are planning a kid Halloween party or just a fun family evening, I suggest sitting around the table and have a CUPCAKE COMPETITION!

Who can make the BEST monster cupcake?!!

Monsters University Cupcakes 9  from #monsters #cupcakes #party

Like I said above, these cupcakes are super easy!

You can either use a box mix for a cupcake or you can make your own. If you want to make your own, can I suggest my white cake recipe?! It’s my favorite cake recipe!

For the frosting, I used a Buttercream frosting and different color coloring gel.

Monster University Cupcakes

For the Monster Cupcakes You Will Need:

Cupcake Mix

Buttercream Frosting

Different color coloring gel

Gummy Eyeball (for Mike)

Candy eyes

White chocolate chips

Sliced almonds

Other candy that you want to play with


1. You can make the cupcakes according to the package.

2. Buttercream frosting directions can be found here.

3. Divide the frosting into as many parts as you have colors.

4. Use the coloring gel in each part and mix it until smooth and even.

5. Transfer the frosting into piping bags.

6. Have loads of fun with the cupcakes!

Monsters U Cupcakes

Here are the cupcakes that we made!

I was instructed to ask you WHICH ONE YOU LIKE THE BEST?!

(Someone here is being very confident that you will like his best)

Monsters University Cupcakes 8  from #monsters #cupcakes #party

Mike and Sully

Monsters University Monster cupcakes 7 from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Monster Cupcakes 5 from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Monster Cupcakes 6  from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Monster Cupcakes 1 from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Monster Cupcakes 2 from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Monster Cupcakes 4 from #monsters #cupcakes #party


Monsters University Cupcake 11

Remember to pick up Monsters University Blue Ray Combo Pack on October 29th!

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Monsters University Cupcakes 10  from #monsters #cupcakes #party

Projects inspired by Disney’s Monsters University

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  1. Macey says


    I absolutely love your cupcakes. You did a wonderful job. I’m about to have a Monster’s university themed party and would love to know the gel colors and brand you used to make such beautiful buttercream. I’ve tried a few and the colors don’t seem to come out right. I would really appreciate it.

    • lyuba says

      Hi Macey!
      Of course! It was Wilton icing coloring and I used Leaf Green, Royal Blue, Rose, Violet and possible Lemon Yellow but I didn’t take picture of those.
      Best of luck with the party!

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