Light Fresh Tropical Fruit Sangria

 *I made my Sweet’N Low Fresh Tropical Fruit Sangria as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars *

This drink is like summer in a glass! Delicious Light Sangria made with fresh pineapple, fresh mango, coconut rum, dry wine and Sweet’N Low.

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Every evening I wish I had a porch. Living in an apartment is just fine but I miss those things that you can only get by living in a house, like SPACE! Ha, but really, I miss having a back yard, having a porch and not sharing a wall with neighbors! When it’s a beautiful evening, cool and breezy (95 is cool right?), I wish that I could sit on the patio and watch the sunset. I would need a cocktail in my hand of course! This Fresh Tropical Fruit Sangria would be perfect on a evening like that.

Psst…it’s light too!

There is only freshly squeezed juice in here, use skinny wine and use Sweet’N Low to sweeten the drink. Fresh, delicious and light!

Win, win, win!

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Don’t be scared of the “fresh tropical fruit” part in this cocktail. It’s really, very easy to make and you can do it by hand or using a juicer. If you will be using a juicer, it will be even easier and go ahead, throw in an extra mango in the juicer as well. But, if you will be doing it by hand, make sure pineapple is nice and ripe so it will be soft. You can literally squeeze the juice out of a ripe pineapple by hand or even a cheese cloth.

I’m sure you know how to cut a pineapple but I can walk your through it anyway. It can be a little intimidating, standing there all big, hard and prickly.

1. First, lay pineapple on its side and cut off the crown about half an inch off the top.

2. Stand it back up and cut off the skin from top to bottom, going along with the curve of the pineapple. Don’t cut too deep, just the hard outer skin.

3. Cut off the bottom.

4. Use a smaller knife to cut off the remaining dots of skin.

5. You can slice the pineapple here into circles and just cut out the rind with a small pairing knife.

Now, you are ready to make your beautiful sangria!

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Light Fresh Tropical Fruit Sangria
  • 1 ripe pineapple
  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • 750 ml dry white wine
  • 6 oz light coconut rum
  • 3-4 packets of Sweet'N Low
  • ice
  1. Cut the pineapple by cutting off its top and bottom, skin and rind. Chop half of the pineapple into small chunks and add it the pitcher.
  2. Skin and chop mangoes as well and add them to the pitcher.
  3. Juice remaining half of the pineapple and add fresh pineapple juice to the pitcher. (If the pineapple is nice and soft and you don't have a juicer, you can do it by hand.)
  4. Add wine, rum and Sweet'N Low.
  5. Stir well, add some ice and stir again.
  6. Sit back and enjoy!
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