Pre-Order MIB3 To Get It Sooner and Wait For The Party! #SEEMIB3

For those of you who know us personally, know that we are a movie family. It’s not only that we enjoy watching movies and have an insane movie collection, we are also connected to the movie scene. My husband has a long line of cameraman in his family. His grandfather, and father were cameraman and he  and his aunt also worked on movies and commercials with them. The stories are always fun and exciting and knowing the behind the scenes of shooting movies makes it that much more excited to watch.
During the BC times, that stands for “before child”, hubby and I went to see just about every movie in the theater. We even had our own movie rating system. It was our favorite types of dates, going to the movies.

Hubby and I started dating a week before his birthday. You know what I got him got his birthday? MIB2 DVD. We’ve just had a movie date night, a couple of days before, where he introduced me to MIB. We liked the movie so much that I thought it would be a perfect birthday gift to get him the second movie. So there is a special connection that we have to these movies.

I don’t even know where to begin sharing our excitement about MIB3 release to DVD! We didn’t get to see this movie in the theater because, you know, we are busy parents and sometimes it’s just impossible to find time and babysitters. By the time we were able to get a night off for the movies, the movies was already out of theaters, so no luck there.

Well, we are not missing out on this movie, we will just buy it and WATCH IT EARLY! Oh wait…I already bought it! I pre-ordered it from WalMart, to be exact. They are offering a MIB3 digital bundle where you get the movie in the mail as it released on November 30, 2012 BUT you can stream the movie through Vudu starting November 16, 2012! Oh yea, two weeks early!

It is very simple to get your MIB3 movie EARLY. Just go to WalMart and purchase the MIB3 pre-order digital bundle box, either in Blue-Ray or regular. When you get home, go to Vudu to redeem your MIB3 movie. Check the code on inside the DVD box, enter the code and click submit.

 Then, you can log in if you have a Vudu account or sign up if you don’t. Sign up is free, there are no monthly fees and you don’t even have to put in the credit card number until you are actually ready to rent the movie (you can skip that step during sign up process). Follow on-screen instruction and voilà, you got your movie! Now the challenge is to wait until November 16th to actually watch it.
Not only that you get your MIB3 DVD in the mail around the release date and you get to watch the movie two weeks earlier, you also get a FREE movie credit!! Now we get to choose a movie and watch it while waiting on our MIB3 and planning the party.

YES! You’ve read it right, planning a party!! We will be throwing a MIB3 party and watching the movie with our friends and family. I absolutely love having little parties like that and getting creative with movie themed snacks. I already know that I will be doing some wormy snacks. I mean common…”Once you go worm, that’s what you’ll yearn”. So stay tuned, I will be sharing our fun party within a couple of weeks!

If you would like to learn more, please visit Sony website, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to check out my Google + album!


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  1. Great pictures of you and you husband! My son was born in 2003…that makes me feel old!

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