Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup is such a classic for fall/winter cooking. I love soups and so as the little man. My hubby, on the other hand, is not much of a soup person. In fact he only eats two soups “potato” and “chicken noodle”. But, when my boys are sick, they always ask for mommy’s chicken noodle soup. It always seems to make them feel better! 
I usually make my own chicken or beef stock (but I usually use store- bought vegetable stock). If you are planning on making your own stock then  allow yourself extra 2 hours for the stock. Stock is usually made with meat bones for better taste, but I don’t always have meat bones or even chicken on bones on hand, so I normally use the chicken breast.
If you will be using the pre-made stock then skip the part about making the stock for the soup.

5-6 chicken tenders (or 2 chicken breasts)
8-9 cups of water (it will cook down to about 7 or 7 1/2 cups of stock)
2 bay leaves
1 tsp coriander
2 tbs olive oil
2/3 cup sliced onion
2 garlic cloves
2/3 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 cup dry elbow macaroni
Chopped cooked chicken
7 1/2 cups of chicken stock
salt, pepper
2 tsp minced fresh dill
1. In a medium pot combine water, chicken, bay leaves and coriander and cook for 2 hours on medium low heat. Stir occasionally.
2. Set the chicken and the stock aside for now. (Chop the chicken once  its cooled a little)
3. Heat up the oil in the skillet. Add the onion and saute until soft. 
4. Add the grated garlic then the shredded carrots.
5. Cook for 2-3 minutes then add the entire content of the skillet to the pot with chicken stock. 
6. Add the chopped celery, chopped chicken, pasta, salt and pepper. Cook until pasta is done. 
7. Stir in the minced fresh dill, serve while hot!
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  1. Pinning your recipe. It looks delish!

  2. My daughter asked me if we had any chicken noodle soup just today. I didn’t but, will make her some tomorrow!! Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  3. I am all about great soups this time of year! Chicken noodle is such a classic! Thanks for bringing this “bowl of love”! It is just the best comfort food.

  4. This looks amazing! It is cold here in Texas- we are down in the 30′s tonight.

    This soup just might make my meal plan next week. :)

    Thank you so much for linking this up on my mommy solution meme! I am sharing a link to this over on Facebook.

  5. This soup is perfect for the cold weather. We are big chicken noodle fans at my house, I would love to try this recipe. Thanks for linking up at Show & Share!

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