Meet my new FRIEND (Our Christmas)

Phew! That was a long Christmas break, wasn’t it? I was gone for over a week! I am back now with many new recipes and stories to share. First I would like to share how our Christmas went. (the recipes will come next :)

So, my hubby (notice I said hubby NOT son) talked me into opening our Christmas gifts at home early since we were going away for the weekend. I agreed to Friday night since we were leaving on Saturday. Well, on Tuesday he was telling me how much he can’t wait to see me open my gift and the look on my face. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? He had a MOTIVE….he just wanted to open his gifts and play with his new games!
I am such a sucker because I GAVE IN!
Our Tree!

This is our fire place! Don’t you just love it?

Favorite toy!

If you only knew just how much he loves Coca-Cola!

Guess what he was playing ALL night!

Me happy!

He actually saved the M~n~Ms for two days!

Over the weekend we stayed at mom’s and my in-laws came over for Christmas dinner as well! We had a very nice family dinner and the kids were buried in presents. In the words of my baby sister…”there is nothing like being a kid on Christmas!”
Love my mom’s fire place!

“Got more chocolate?”

My beautiful new photo album!

She had more gifts, that is all that could fit on her lap!
Hope you had wonderful Christmas too! Stay tuned for the next post on our Christmas dinner!
Happy New Year!
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  1. says

    Love your new mixer! I would love to have one but just don’t have any counter space for it. And, I know they’re so big they have to stay in place. But, I dream of having a large kitchen and one of those mixers one day! Happy new year!

  2. says

    What a wonderful evening Sandy and I spent with you and our family and new friends! We so enjoyed the gifts we received and watching you open your gifts from us. Both of our grandchildren are our greatest family treasure!

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