First PESTO Of The Season

Mmmmm, I love pesto. I also love growing my own basil for pesto. Actually, I don’t think that I even bought pesto at a store before. For some reason, I just don’t trust that it will ever taste the same as home-made. 
About a month and a half ago, I planted my first seeds for my herb garden. It was still a little chilli but perfect for starting seeds. When I say “a little chilli”, I mean 60s. I am in Florida after all. 
Take a look at how beautiful he herbs and tomatoes look!
Basil, Parsley, Cilantro and Dill

My beautiful tomato plants, and smell heavenly!
About a week ago, my little man discovered my little urban garden. Now, twice a day, we go out on the balcony to hang out with the garden, water the plants, play with buckets and watering cans and play with dirt. He loves helping me water the plants. He also tries to pluck my herbs, not very nice of him. 

My little man watering Dill all by himself!
This morning, I harvested my first batch of basil. A little bag of pine nuts has been patiently waiting in the cabinet to be a part of pesto. Finally, this morning it fulfilled its dream! Here is my pesto recipe!! Note, this time, I used pine nuts and not walnuts…much better!

I hope you make your own pesto and enjoy it!!

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  1. says

    I’m in Michigan and just started my seeds last weekend – my first herb garden ever! I have a little post going up tomorrow – just a few little shoots so far (the basil is doing fantastic) but it’s really exciting for me. :) I will have to try your pesto recipe!!


  2. says

    Love making fresh pesto! Stumbled across your blog via Cherished Bliss and I am now following you through Linky and GFC! I love cooking blogs :) I have once myself and would love for you to stop by anytime! Have a great week :)

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